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Virginia Forge Manufacturing Facility

$ 2,900,000

Property Details: 

Listing Price: $2,900,000

Year Built: 1996/1997 with additions in 2004 & 2005

Property Type: Commercial/Industrial 

Building Size: 83,220. SqFt - View Virtual Tour

Lot Size: 37.4 Acres 

Property Description: 

Land Improvements

  • General site leveling and grading including approximately 240’ x 550’ stormwater basin with 6’H chain link fencing around it and including excavation and fill to raise the level of site around the plant areas to be above flood stage
  • Approximately 107,000 square feet asphalt concrete paving with striping for 61 spaces and concrete curbing including truck dock ramp with concrete curbing and concrete stairway. Pair of metal pipe type gates at rear drive, metal railings at dumpster dock. Concrete dock at side canopy area, metal bollards at various places including 8 at rear steel delivery area complete with 2 horizontal steel 5” diameter pipes forming 12’ wide barricade, approximately 7 sewers and also trench drain at dock. 
  • Patio area approximately 40’ x 37’
  • Site Signs:
    • Double faced entrance sign, 2 tier
    • Single faced metal at Visitors, Handicap, directionals and water hydrants
  • Flagpole, estimated 30’
  • Site firewater loop system with 3 fire hydrants


  • Built in 1996/1997 with additions in 2004 & 2005
  • Building Insurance Class: “C” & “S”
  • Overall Dimensions and Dates of Construction
    • 1996 Front Office, Semicircular Break/Meeting Room & Change Areas: 5,510 SF
    • 1996 Low Bay CNC Plant Portion: 22,700 SF
    • 2004 Low Bay CNC Plant Portion: 8,400 SF
    • 1996 High Bay Forge Plant Portion: 24,960 SF
    • 2006 High Bay Forge Plant Portion: 16,640 SF
    • 1996 Compressor Room: 650 SF
    • 2006 Compressor Room: 2,117 SF
    • TOTAL Area First Floor: 80,977 SF
    • TOTAL Area Mezzanines: 2,243 SF
    • TOTAL Floor Area: 83,220 SF
  • Building Heights
    • 38’6” at eave height at high bay plant approximately 44’ to ridge
    • 18’8” at eave height at low bay plant approximately 24’ to ridge
    • 16’2” at rectangular portion of office
    • 12’0” to 16’2” at semicircular portion of office

Frame and Exterior Walls

  • Split face cement masonry units at office areas, metal siding at plant areas
  • Two 16’H x 15’W overhead doors at rear and one at east elevation
  • One 20’H x 15’W overhead door at west elevation
  • Two 9’H x 8’W overhead doors at front elevation
  • Metal windows at rectangular portion of office
  • Assorted louvers at all elevations
  • Canopy area 30’ x 30’ with metal framework and metal roof at main entrance complete with one concrete column and concrete fascia with raised VFC lettering
  • Metal studs and metal siding forming cooling tower walls with 6” insulation complete with one man door and one 10’ x 10’ loading door and steel caged ladder
  • Two loading docks at front elevation with dock enclosures
  • Metal shipping and receiving signs over doors
  • Metal railing at dock ramp
  • Blue metal fascia at semi-circular section

Floor Structure

  • 6” mill vapor barrier over 6” crushed stone with 6” reinforced concrete at low bay areas of plant and 8” reinforced concrete at high bay areas of plant
  • Trench grates at bolster cleaning area
  • Steel framing for cooling towers with steel decking

Roof Structure and Cover

  • Metal hip roof system with 4” batt vinyl faced insulation at low bay roofs
  • Skylights at semi-circular office section; S.S.R. roof at remainder of office
  • Metal gutters and downspouts
  • Concrete diked area for 2 SDS tanks under canopy
  • Metal canopy 30’W x 81’L with steel columns, frame, joists, steel deck complete with lighting

Partitions & Built-Ins and Interior Treatments

  • Painted drywall partitions with solid core and metal doors at office areas
  • Interior Quality Control, office and parts area approximately 20’ x 95’ in plant area of block walls with steel stairs
  • One 15’ x 15’ men and women’s restroom area in corner of high bay section
  • One steel ladder to mezzanine
  • Built-in pair of glass pass through doors at receptionist with laminated plastic sign-in shelf
  • Carpet in open work area, conference room and two offices
  • Quarry tile at reception
  • Epoxy in toilets, locker rooms, vending and hall
  • Exposed concrete in production areas, quality, nurse, shop, forge, and mezzanine
  • VCT in change area and office toilet
  • Vinyl wall covering in open office areas, office toilet, two offices and reception
  • Paint (mostly epoxy) in remaining areas
  • Exposed ceilings in production, shop, forge, mezzanine, and break/meeting areas
  • Lay-in acoustical tile in all other areas, office type areas
  • Vinyl wall coverings at entrance, vestibule and office areas
  • Metal and glass borrowed light partitions at offices of Plant Manager, Materials Manager and Training Office
  • One two-story demountable control office with steel stairs, 10’ x 9’, acoustical tile, floor tile, lighting and two removable air conditioning units
  • Two Ryteck reinforced vinyl 14’Wx16’H overhead doors with electronic eye door operators between low and high bay building sections
  • One metal 8’H x 6’W overhead door to parts room
  • One built-in office for shipping and receiving
  • One built-in area for one men’s and one women’s restroom in new addition


  • Generally high intensity lighting in production areas and recessed fluorescent lighting in acoustical ceiling areas
  • Two adjustable arm dock lights
  • Exterior lighting at doors and entrance soffit
  • Emergency lighting with battery back-up
  • Electrical power and distribution for lighting and for building exhaust fans
  • Excludes power and distribution equipment for machinery and equipment
  • Emergency lighting system with battery packs
  • Two adjustable arm dock lights


  • Estimated 4 showers
  • Two multi-person 2 station hand wash stations
  • 3 lavatories
  • 13 water closets
  • 4 wall mounted 3-head showers
  • 2 urinals
  • 2 circular 60” diameter stainless steel wash basins
  • 1 janitorial sink and 2 drinking fountains at office area
  • Two 50-gallon gas fired and one 6-gallon electric water heater
  • Propane gas lines
  • Wet and dry type sprinkler system

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

  • Rooftop air handling units in plant mill areas with unit heaters elsewhere
  • Exhaust fans for plant areas and toilet rooms
  • Units generally consist of pad mounted Trane combination heating/cooling units complete with SQ D disconnect switches, concrete mats consisting of:
    • 4 – AC units, 40,000 BTU heating
    • 2 – Package units, 120,000 BTU heating, (6/04), 7.5 ton
    • 4 – Heat pump units for office area
    • UH-1 gas unit heaters 200 MBH throughout plant areas

Property Location: 

From Roanoke, head North on I-581 towards US-220 N/Lexington/Salem for 5.77 miles. Then, take exit 1N onto I-81 N towards US-220 N/Lexington and continue for 18.41 miles. Next, take exit 162 towards Buchanan onto US-11 N (Lee Hwy N) and drive for 3.19 miles. You will reach Main St (US-11), and your destination will be on the left.


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